Your Worries

What are you worried about?
The thought of job loss, hunger, homelessness, lack of access to primary care seems daunting.  Around the globe, people are faced with extreme hardship with nowhere to look for hope.  You feel the urge to help but unsure how.  Whatever your worry is, we can guide you towards various areas in order to create lasting solutions.  Every little help goes a long way.

Preventing Homelessness

Take a stand to prevent homelessness before it occurs. It costs 7 times more to get a homeless person off the street than preventing it altogether. This initiative will help provide immediate emergency assistance to those facing hardship.

Disaster Relief

Disasters are especially more devastating in poorer countries that lack the tools and resources needed for emergency preparedness. We help communities bounce back and ensure continuity.


Many of the people experiencing homelessness have stated it is difficult to navigate all of the services and resources available. It is our goal to help provide services directly or connect with our trusted community partners to ensure a positive experience in gaining stability. 

Our Services

Supportive Housing

– We support women who are homeless victims of domestic violence. Due to lack of resources, affordable housing, income inequality et al, women are forced into homelessness.

– Compounded by domestic abuse, addiction and mental or physical health issues, the cycle becomes difficult to break from without adequate interventions.

– Our program ensures empowering victims to become survivors by growing them past their vulnerabilities to a place of self sufficiency.

All in One Program

Our person centered program helps overcome obstacles and ensures sustainability. This program incorporates essential needs like community engagement / relationship building, mental/physical health, job training, safety, transition to permanent housing.


Specialized transportation to meet unique needs of residents to help them thrive in the community