International Mission

Helping People All Over the World

With your contribution, Helping Hands Project Organization reaches the most hopeless and challenging situations.


We provide hope, faith and happiness to thousands of people around the world.

Children together - Africa
Family Together - Africa

Feeding A Village

Help provide tools, training and supplies needed to farm and raise animals. 


Increase access to nutritious food, clean water and a source of livelihood.

Basic Human Necessity

Some of the things we take for granted like good roads, access to clean water, basic amenities, hospital supplies and equipment are lacking in so many areas around the world. 


With your help, we can make a change, one school, one clinic, one person at a time.

Helping Hands Project - International Mission 3
Helping Hands Project - International Mission 4

Disaster Relief

Disasters are especially more devastating in poorer countries that lack the tools and resources needed for emergency preparedness.


We seek to help communities bounce back from local and regional catastrophes and to help ensure continuity.

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